7 Clever Ways to Incorporate Vaseline Into Your Beauty Routine

Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, if you don’t want to get brand-specific, is something I use every day, but somehow always take for granted. It’s a quiet constant in my sometimes hectic life, kind of like the daily good morning/good night texts I receive from my family, or late-night Taco Bell cravings.

It’s good stuff. Here are just a few uses I’ve been able to come up with over the years.

Use it to remove eye-makeup

Regular eye-makeup remover stings my eyes, and it requires buying a ton of cotton pads or q-tips. You know what doesn’t sting, and requires no cotton pads? Vaseline. Just a little scoop from the jar has been able to get the heaviest of raccoon-eye looks off.

Heal stubborn scars

I have Crohn’s, and along with all the other symptoms, sometimes if I get a nick or scratch, it won’t heal. Little red shiny marks around my arms are not the look I’m going for, so I tried putting a layer of Vaseline on them before bed. They’re not totally gone yet, but they are noticeable lighter!

Condition (& grow) your eyelashes

I heard about this #hack a couple years back when I was still in my lets-DIY-everything phase. Unlike face masks made from grocery store honey and lemon juice, however, this beauty trick actually works. Use a q-tip or your fingers to apply a thin coat of Vaseline on your lashes before bed (don’t worry - it won’t get on anything if you only use a thin coat). Give it a few days, and you should see some major improvements.

Prevent or heal chapped lips


This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Apply on lips before bed. Wake up. Reap benefits.

Get the glossy-lid look

Going out for a photoshoot with your friends, or just want to try something fresh? Give the glossy lid a go, but try it out with Vaseline first before you splurge on an expensive eye gloss. For a few hours at least, Vaseline should hold up just fine!

Soothe your cuticles


Like the lip trick, this one also requires no explanation! I’d recommend applying the Vaseline with a q-tip so you don’t have to wash your hands afterward.

Transform powder highlighters

This one’s cool. Have a powder highlighter that you want to pump the wattage up on? Mix a little bit of it with some Vaseline and apply it like you would a cream highlight! You’ll get an jnstant dewy effect that looks beautiful on all skin types.

Have any other ingenious uses for Vaseline? Share them with us in the comments below!