Tie-Dye is Back, & it's Not as Bad as You Might Think

Somewhere in the back of your parent’s attic, all the old tie-dye t-shirts and bracelets you held onto from middle school are rejoicing. Thanks to this year’s Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks, this style I personally thought would be confined to the annals of cringe history has returned.

But honestly, it’s not as bad as I expected.


Unlike the tie-dye styles of the 90s and 00s, these modern reinterpretations are much more sleek and understated. Bold, primary colors are giving way toward more mellow, desaturated tones, and the possibilities for how tie-dye can be worn are ever-expanding.

Take a look at a few ways this year’s runway trend is trickling back down into popular fashion:

Tie Dye Pleat Midi Skirt ($75 at TopShop)


ASOS DESIGN Tie Dye Mesh Top with Long Sleeve ($29 at ASOS)


Tie-Dye Bike Short ($39 at Urban Outfitters)


We gave our opinion - now we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this reemergent trend?