WORTHIE's Weekly Live Performance Spotlight: The Roots feat. Bilal & Black Thought at NPR

At WORTHIE, we’re always looking for ways to share our favorite things with the world. Whether it be tips on how to begin stock-trading, a glimpse into our favorite classes, or musings on pop-culture, we believe that in sharing the things that make us excited to wake up in the morning, we can create an atmosphere of enrichment and positivity.

That’s why we’re creating our Live Performance Spotlight. Each week, we’ll share one of our favorite live music, dance, or other art performances, and highlight just what it is that makes them so amazing.

For our inaugural week, we’re highlighting the dynamite performance The Roots put on during NPR’s 2017 Tiny Desk Concert series. Ho-ly cow, people. Just take a listen to this -

There’s a reason art often mirrors politics. When done right, it can be soul-piercingly powerful. Adapted from the Detroit original soundtrack, this performance of “It Ain’t Fair” ups the tension to critical levels. Beginning with a zany jazz introductory piece by The Roots, the performance takes its time, slowly, rhythmically bridging into “It Ain’t Fair” and Bilal’s falsetto, 70s-funk inspired vocals. While the original track was strong, this live interpretation is enough to knock the breath out of you. Glaringly sharp lyrics, along with masterful instrumentals and Bilal’s seasoned vocals make for a piece that deserves to be amplified to the highest degree.

We hope you enjoy this kick-off piece! WORTHIE’s Live Performance Spotlight will continue next week.