5 Online Job Boards That Are Actually Reputable (I Know Because I'm Using Them)

I love WORTHIE, but the ad-money isn’t flowing in quite yet if you catch my drift. Until then, I’m in the same boat as a lot of people my age - the post-grad job search.


We put out a poll last week over on our Instagram asking people what kind of content they want to see, and someone asked us to put together a list of reputable job boards. Sounds like they’re in the same boat as me!

In my job-searching escapades, I’ve logged on to many a job board hoping to find the perfect listing. Several of these have proved to be just fine, but there’s always a few that seem scammy (and spammy). To help you avoid the duds, I’m starting a running compilation of all the reliable online job boards I run across. Let’s jump into it, then!


No surprise here. One thing I like about this job-networking site is their user-friendly interface and lots of filters to help you narrow down your search further!


This one’s a little more niche. If you’re interested in anything editorial or publishing related, this is the site for you! It’s a little hidden gem that I found a couple years back when I was looking for a summer internship (spoiler alert: I got it!).


Glassdoor’s pretty cool because along with searching for jobs, this site also aggregates information and reviews about companies! If you’re interested in working for a certain company and want to know what other employees have to say about working there, Glassdoor could be a good resource for you. Along with company ratings and reviews, they also offer user-submitted information about salaries for certain positions, and interview questions.



Our college’s Center for Career Development loves to push this one on us - and for good reason. Employers often recruit from Handshake because they know they’re getting the cream of the crop, not just any Joe Schmo. Check to see if your school has a Handshake page!

Career Builder

This is one of the OG internet job boards, and it has managed to stick around (and stay relevant) for over 20 years! ‘Nuff said.

Hope that was helpful! As we learn of more boards, we’ll add them to the list. Until then, happy hunting