Amazon Patented a Technology that Might Make VR Mirrors a Reality Soon

Technology is supposed to make human life easier, right? Well, by that logic, we should be sending thank you notes to the digital engineers over at Amazon for making leaps and bounds in the never-ending quest for convenience.

According to the US Patents Office, Amazon has recently filed a patent for a mirror that will use augmented reality to “dress” users in virtual outfits.


The patent describes the mirror as working through a scanning technology that maps the environment to create a virtual model of the use. Once the model is properly created, virtual clothes and backgrounds are transmitted through the mirror to create what the patent calls a “blended reality”.

In addition to turning someone into their own personal mannequin, the mirror would also use algorithms to determine what they are likely to purchase, and therefore recommend them items. As Amazon expands their presence in the fashion industry, it’s not surprising that they are also looking to use tech to their advantage.

My personal opinion? I don’t like it. Maybe I watch too many Shane Dawson conspiracy videos, but I don’t think I’m wrong to have anxiety about the state of data-mining and all the privacy issues that come along with that. I’m competent enough to pick out my own outfits. I want the great minds of our time to be out creating solutions to climate change or hunger, not creating software that tells me what pair of pants to wear.

I’ll pass the question off to you though - what do you think?