This Woman is Using Her Sewing Skills to Create Personalized Dolls for Children With Medical Issues

With only her sewing machine and crafting tools, Amy Jandrisevits is setting out to make sure every child has a doll that looks just like them.


During her time as a social worker in a pediatric oncology unit, Amy realized the therapeutic power dolls had with children going through difficult medical issues. But she quickly realized traditional dolls weren’t exactly cutting it.

One day I realized that the dolls’ thick hair and perfect health were doing the kids I was working with a disservice as they were often faced with a wide variety of physical challenges. Many kids have never have had the opportunity to see their sweet faces reflected in a doll. It’s hard to tell a child that they are beautiful but follow it with - but you’ll never see yourself in anything that looks like you.

Sensing a need that she could fill with her own crafting know-how, she started making personalized Raggedy Ann-style dolls, and her business, (which she describes as more like a ministry) A Doll Like Me, was born.

So far, Amy’s created over 300 of them, and has partnered with her local children’s hospital to help identify kids in need. And her waitlist keeps growing - prompting her to start a GoFundMe to raise donations. Her ultimate goal? “To fulfill every doll order that comes in and not have the families have to pay for it”.

Rock on, Amy.


Want to help her make it happen? Donate to her GoFundMe page here!