Mini Cars for Pediatric Patients, A Bitter-Sweet Lottery Win, & More Good News from This Week

Whether you’ve had a bad day and need a pick-me-up, or are tired of bad news being prioritized 24/7, we’ve got your positivity fix covered. Here’s to putting the spotlight on this week’s good news.

Hospital Eases the Stress of Surgery for Young Patients By Letting Them Drive Mini-Cars into Operating Room - Good News Network


McKinley Corbley reports on a California hospital that has started letting young children ride into the operating room in mini cars as a way to ease anxiety. Read the full story at Good News Network

North Carolina man with stage 4 cancer wins lottery, plans to take wife on trip - Today

Although Charlotte native Richard Beare was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, he plans to treat himself and his wife to the Italian vacation of their dreams. Read the full story at Today.

Dramatic fall in global executions reported in 2018 - Positive.News


Okay, so this isn’t what you’d normally think as ‘good news’, but it’s a story definitely worth celebrating! Read the full story at Positive.News

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