Ohio's Free Clinic, Mass 'Unwrap' Day & More Good News From This Week

It’s been a rough week for the world, but everywhere, good people continue to do amazing things. Here’s to putting a spotlight on them.

Muslim Doctors Use Ohio Mosque to Open First Free Clinic in the Region – and It’s Open to Everyone - Good News Network


McKinley Corbly reports on an Ohio mosque that has become it’s regions first free clinic for the uninsured. “We have the ability, we have the potential, we have the resources. Giving a little bit of your time, I think, goes a long way in making a difference in people’s lives.” Read it at The Good News Network.

Hundreds take part in UK’s first supermarket plastic mass ‘unwrap’ - Positive News


Gearing up for Earth Day 2019, Lucy Perdy reports on the U.K.’s first ‘mass unwrap’, where shoppers hand back plastic bags to supermarket staff and owners. “Together we can kick our addiction to throwaway plastic and change the system that produces it”. Read the full report at Positive News

Blind Man Finishes New York City Half Marathon With Help From Guide Dogs - Sunny Skyz


Thomas Panek has become the first person with visual impairment to complete the NYC Half Marathon with help not from human guides, but from his three Labrador Retrievers. "Running with your dog is wonderful and if they can do a job while they're doing it and sure, it happens to be 13.1 miles through the streets of New York city but we're going to get it done. I know we will." Read the full story at Sunny Skyz.

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