Honoring the Heroes of the New Zealand Tragedy

When horrific acts of terror occur, many are often quick to name and show the face(s) of the perpetrator. We will not do that.

Instead, we would like to honor the brave men and women whose acts of selflessness and quick-thinking saved lives.


According to Quartz, Naeem Rashid was reported to have tackled one of the terrorists, although he himself was unarmed. He was a teacher in Christchurch.


Daoud Nabi used his body to shield and protect others trapped in one of the mosques. A celebrated member of the community, he was known for leading a local Afghan Association and for his love of vintage cars. He was 71 years old.


Jill Keats is being called a hero after pulling over her car to assist a wounded man who had been able to escape. After narrowly missing shots directed at her car, she and another young man were able to dress the victim’s wounds. You can watch Philip DeFranco report on the full story here (story starts at 8:55).


According to other reports, Abdul Aziz chased one of the terrorists away from a mosque. He then picked up an unloaded gun dropped by the shooter and threw it into their car, scaring them enough to flee.


If you feel called to honor the victim’s families and their communities through monetary support, you can do so at the Victim Support Official Page and the United for Christchurch campaign