Let's Rethink Our Collective Obsession with Being "Obsessed"

Is it just me, or is everyone (and every brand) obsessed with pretty much everything lately? You walk into your local coffee shop or browse your favorite website for skincare tips and you’re repeatedly hit with phrases like this:

“I’m obsessed with The Office”

“I saw this really cute blue jean jacket yesterday and I’m obsessed

“15 Health and Beauty Products I'm Now Obsessed With Thanks to Instagram” - Byrdie

Ehh, I don’t know about that. <- (Read in Natasha Lyonne’s voice for full effect)

I’m not trying to be the language police here, but the more I see and hear this, the more I seriously think people don’t know what the real meaning of the word is??

If you’re obsessed with something, it’s going to take up most of your thoughts, most of your energy, and distract from other aspects of your life. It’s a fixation. That’s why it’s called, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Excuse me for assuming, but I imagine you’re not actually thinking about The Office every minute of every day.

With this in mind, would it be too much to ask if we searched for more accurate words when proclaiming our love or enjoyment of something? Here - I’ll even make a list for convenience’s sake:

  1. Enamored

  2. Delighted

  3. Enthralled

  4. Enchanted

  5. Preoccupied

  6. Mesmerized

  7. Fascinated

There. Now can we move on from our unhealthy obsession with obsession? That would be great.