3 Quick & Simple Eyeliner Looks for Anyone in a Makeup Rut

I started doing my own makeup in the seventh grade, but I remember always asking my mom to do my eyeliner for me because it was so hard! In the years since, I’ve certainly learned a thing or two about eye-makeup, but I’ll admit - eyeliner is probably the toughest part to nail down just right.

It looks like she’s got it on lock though.

It looks like she’s got it on lock though.

Because of this, I've noticed a lot of my friends don’t experiment with their eyeliner. For them, it’s one of the last things they do - an afterthought.

In a recent conversation, however, a friend of a friend brought up that they wish they knew how to spice up their eyeliner, which brings us here.

Hi, hello, nice to meet you. I’m Claire and I live for spiced-up eyeliner. Lemme learn ya a thing or two.

Mimic thicker lashes by tightlining

Instead of just hoping and praying that your one-and-done pencil swipe looks nice, how about laying down a foundation first? Not only does tightlining your upper lash-line make your lashes look thicker when paired with your normal eyeliner, it clears up precious lid space for those of us with hooded eyelids.

Watch how my boy Wayne Goss does it:

Go minimal

Graphic eyeliner isn’t just for magazine spreads anymore. It’s funky, it’s fresh, and it legitimately looks cool. Even two simple black dots under the eye add the perfect amount of intrigue and mystique. Place them under the eyes like Emma here, or try on the sides or inner corners.


Experiment with different colors and finishes

Eyeliner doesn’t just come in black and brown. Step out of your comfort-zone and go for something new, like cobalt blue or bright yellow. You’d be surprised how good bold colors like those look when paired with an understated, no-makeup makeup look.

Or, switch up your formula. Instead of a pencil or liquid option, try using eyeshadow and a thin brush to create this hazy look:


Whatever your experience level with eyeliner is, we hope you’ll throw caution to the wind and try something new today. Good luck!

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