WORTHIE's Weekly Live Performance Spotlight: "Bury a Friend", Choreographed by JoJo Gomez

I can do many things, but dance is not one of them. Appreciate the art of it, yes, but move my body in artful ways? No can do.

Still, I absolutely love watching dance videos on YouTube. In the past five years or so, a new generation of choreographers like One Million Dance Studio and Kyle Hanagami have risen to popularity, gifting the platform a glimpse into their (and their students) incredible talents.

For this week’s Live Performance Spotlight, we’re highlighting one such talent - choreographer Jojo Gomez. I just recently discovered her channel while looking up Billie Eilish covers, and this incredible video was recommended to me. Warning: if you get creeped-out easily, this video may not be for you.

When I first watched this video, I was floored. How could these three pull off those kinds of moves with such precision? Maybe it’s because I can’t dance myself and I don’t understand its mechanics, but watching this is like watching someone perform magic. I’m enchanted (in the creepiest way possible).

Being able to see not only Jojo, but her students perform this dance is a real privilege as well. Seeing the way each student individualizes the piece is fascinating, and speaks to the true artistry behind the snazzy lighting and camera set-up.

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