WORTHIE's Weekly Live Performance Spotlight: "Bird Set Free", Choreographed by Jin Lee at 1Million Dance Studio

For this week’s performance, we’re entering Seoul’s famed 1Million Dance Studio, where all levels of dancers and choreographers are given a platform to express their art.

While many of the studio’s most popular performances are pieces inspired by the latest in rap and R&B, Jin Lee takes a decidedly different approach to Sia’s 2016 power-ballad, Bird Set Free.

The raw emotion in Sia’s voice is beautifully coupled with Lee’s expressive movements. Oscillating in and out of fluidity and rigidity, her dance captures the sense of confinement and false-starts associated with the abusive situation Sia’s lyrics describe.

After Lee demonstrates her skills at full capacity (0:00-1:15), watch her students tweak the choreography to suit their own performances.

Next week, we’re heading to Norway to meet an up-and-coming vocal icon. Until then, enjoy the days ahead!