15 Things to Try When You're Just Feeling Really Frustrated

Let’s cut right to the chase - sometimes we just feel crappy. Whether it’s drama, tiredness, or even just period hormones acting up, it never feels good to be frustrated. It can feel stifling, like you’re trapped with nowhere to go. In those moments, though, it’s always helpful to take a deep breath and find a way to distract yourself until you feel like yourself again. Here are just a few ideas of small things you can try:

  1. Listen to your favorite songs with headphones. Put that sh*t on repeat!

  2. Ask someone you trust to listen to you. FaceTime or call them if you need.

  3. Prepare a healthy snack or meal. You’ll feel nice knowing you’re putting goodness into your body.

  4. Take an hour to go to the gym or do a light workout at home. Endorphins are real.

  5. Write a list (or make a mental list) of everything you are grateful for that day.

  6. Go for a walk.

  7. Do something creative - take photos, practice doing something cool with makeup, write a poem.

  8. Have any messes? Tidy it up - I personally can’t stand having a chaotic work or living space.

  9. Have a pet? Play with them!

  10. Do something kind for someone else. Maybe buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

  11. Try to visualize a plan of action for what you want to accomplish.

  12. Be easy on yourself.

  13. Treat yo’ self to a little retail therapy.

  14. Take a hot shower or bubble bath - or put a bath bomb to good use!

  15. Watch a favorite movie or read a favorite book. Or if you’re more like me, play your favorite video game!

And in the end, always keep in the back of your mind that you’re not alone. Like Ariana says, “just keep breathin”!